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Mitsubishi Pajero Cash In Transit

Mitsubishi Pajero Cash In Transit
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Armored Cash In Transit Vehicles
Min Order
1 piece
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Tue, 03 Jul 2012 23:50:36 GMT

Packging & Delivery

  • Min Order1 piece


Emission State Ⅳ
Max. Power(kW/rpm) 120/5000
Wheel-Drive 4×4




●Front ballistic windshield                ●Side steps

●Power steering                       ●Power sunroof

●Central controlled door locking system      ●Air-conditioning system         

●Front and rear bumpers                 ●Aluminum rim

●Aluminum cash cabin                         ●Fuse assembly

●Electric rear-view mirror                     ●Radio/CD player       

●Fire extinguisher                      ●Color: Dark green color

              ●LCD dual monitoring system(inner cash cabin is black&white monitor,the other one on the back of the vehicle is chromatic color )

●Ballistic glass for side windows (Light SPC material)

●Remote alarm, anti-theft and anti-hijacking system

●A 3-way, 4-tapered end lock and two cross locks on cash cabin door

●Driver and Co-driver’s Ballistic Window Glass (Light SPC material)  

●One big size gun port wase mounted in the bottom of each side of the escort cabin windows.



Document Download:  SLT5022XYCG enhanced cash in transitSLT5022XYCG enhanced cash in transit