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Water Purification Vehicle

Water Purification Vehicle
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Transportation Vehicle
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Wed, 16 May 2012 22:47:28 GMT

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The vehicle can supply potable water on-site for police, troops and fieldwork personnel in emergency or disaster events



Chassis                  DFL1160BX4

Curb Weight (kg)             10000


Dimension(L*W*H mm)        8000×2500×2370

Max. total mass (kg)      14195

Wheel Base(mm)           4500

Suspension F/R(mm)          1430/2070

Tread F/R(mm)  1          880/1860

Fuel Type                    Diesel

Min. ground clearance(mm)    ≥250

Max. Speed(km/h)            ≥100

Engine  ISDe180 40

Tire                         9.00-20

Displacement(L)            6.7

Max. Power(kW/rpm)          136/2500

Water Tank(m3)             3

Max. Torque(N.m/rpm)         650/1200-1700

Generator Power(kW)        20

Generator Model               YIHU

Water Boiler                  220V  1.5kW

Water Purifier Output         3m3 /h

Water Pump                 3kW  Flow 8m3/h  

Pressure Pump     0.55kW      Flow 3m3/h


Immersible pump

Raw water pump

1st precise filter

2nd precise filter

Active carbon filter

Guard filter


              Sodium (Na) filter

Chassis             DFL1160BX4

High pressure pump

Cleaning system

Electric controller

Clean water tank

Water pump

Ozone sterilizer

Water boiler

Flavor filter

Curb Weight (kg)         10000


Water purification ability is not more than 3 m3/h. The vehicle can supply potable water on-site for police, troops and fieldwork personnel in emergency or disaster events, also can supply for mobile kitchen and camping vehicle. Second class chassis, good maneuverability, high speed, great cross-country performance. Source of water : rivers, lakes and pools.


Document Download:  Water purification vehicleWater purification vehicle